Through Another Night

That Twisted Thing -
Damaged and down on his luck, ex-boxer turned bodyguard Garron is as low as he’s been. Struggling to get through each day and taking jobs he should be refusing, he finds himself in direct opposition to psychotics and drug dealers and entering the worlds of gangs and extortionists.
But this is not the Garron of old. He’s been injured and out of the life too long and to survive he’ll have to dig deep, into reserves he thinks he’s left behind.
Reserves that might not be there anymore.

That Twisted Thing Called Truth

That Twisted Thing -
Garron is surviving. In fact, with regular bodyguarding work and a steady relationship, the ex-boxer is looking forwards for the first time since his fighting days. But when a job gives him the opportunity to find out what happened to an old friend, he finds himself in a place where he’s fighting on a different level.

Unable to trust his employer, threatening his relationship and running out of friends, Garron is forced to look at what he is, as well as what he does, while trying just to stay alive.
And when you’re facing the Russian Mafia, staying alive might be more than you can hope for.

Another Man’s World

Another Mans World -
Ex-boxer Garron is back, now working full time as a bodyguard and rent collector and struggling with both his wrecked past and his bleak future. Working for shady businessmen and criminals, he’s trying to stay one step out of their life and make sense of his own. But at a time when Garron sees a possible way out of his troubles, one small job starts to escalate out of control and betrayal by friends and manipulation by enemies sees him dragged into a world of unlicensed fights and shotgun robberies, a world where he is pulled into confrontation with career criminal Adam Hillier, a world in which Hillier walks unchallenged. It is another man’s world.

Cold Fire, Calm Rage

Cold Fire Calm Rage -
An ex-boxer turned bodyguard finds himself out of his depth and struggling to survive double-crosses by London gangsters and manipulation by European criminals in a thriller that owes as much to the noirish world of Chandler as it does to the underworld of London. ‘Write what you know’ is what they always tell you. But sometimes it’s hard to know where the fiction separates from the reality. “Cold Fire, Calm Rage” is such a story and in it Joe Stein produces a gritty realism that leaves many others for dead. This is not a glamorised gangster story. This is how it is.

For My Sins

For My Sins -
Urban dislocation, north London villains, a bodyguard under fire, a modern ghost story, ex-cons, spies and old style P.I.s, they’re all here in this collection of short, sharp tales.





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