Joe Stein’s lead character listed on US genre website 

Joe Stein’s downmarket bodyguard and ex-boxer, Garron, has been given his own entry on the Thrilling Detective Website, a US site that lists literary PIs. He’s up there with Marlowe, Spade, Archer and Burke. 

It’s not immortality, but it’s pretty cool on a site that’s the final word on the genre. 

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That Twisted Thing Called Truth

Crimesquad review says:

“The book has a heart-breaking resonance to it; a bitter sweet flavour coats the words…Stein’s prose hit the target every time.”

Read the full review of ‘That Twisted Thing Called Truth’ at the Crimesquad website at:

Another Man’s World

“Stein writes with real class and has created a devastatingly credible and hugely desirable character in Garron.”

Read the full review on ‘The truth about books’ website at:

“A terrific read, impossible to put down. Ex-boxer Garron is no two-dimensional thug, but a complex guy with a conscience. With this visual, visceral and engrossing story, Joe Stein takes the crime noir novel to new heights.”

Author Sally Spedding 

“You’ll want to read faster and faster… Deftly drawn characters and a wonderfully lurid setting set this up as a book that will stay with you long after you finish reading. This is the full package.”

Jon Jordan – Crimespree Magazine

Cold Fire, Calm Rage

“A Satisfyingly Gritty Thriller”

The Big Issue 

“Vivid Scenes..Depth and Substance”

Crimespree Magazine 

“hard hitting and brutally blunt at times, yet…written for the thinking reader”

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